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Hello everyone!

I'm excited to share that we've been hard at work at 'SHELFY' for some time now, and we're thrilled to announce that we're expanding the beta to a wider audience. SHELFY is a fresh social platform designed to provide a glimpse into your current interests. On SHELFY, you have the opportunity to create 8 blocks (posts) to showcase what's currently capturing your attention. Whether it's a captivating book, an inspiring song, a cozy cafe, or simply a thoughtful reflection that's been on your mind, SHELFY is the place to share it all.

With.fm is an exceptional hub for music recommendations, and we'd be delighted to see more of this amazing community on SHELFY. We already have a few With.fm enthusiasts who are testing the platform and providing valuable feedback.

If want to join us, you can sign up and secure your spot on the waitlist by visiting this link: SHELFY Signup & dm me to jump the waitlist!

Additionally, we'd greatly appreciate it if you could follow us on social media to help boost our street cred. You can find us at @shelfyxyz.

We can't wait to welcome you to SHELFY and explore your unique interests together. For more information about our platform, check out our background story at SHELFY Website.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

In the mood for good music?

Listen to our community playlist here .

Playlist sess nowww live
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A book recommendation from us to you...

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A sneak peek into our truly angelic curation for Chateau Royal Hotel in Berlin.

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Hi, I'm Amel-Ophélie, I’m an independent cultural researcher, specialising in arts, subcultures & decolonisation. My research journey started with my master's thesis on creative practices as tools for liberation, specifically focusing on music, cinema, and photography. Since then, I have been active in cultural heritage as an independent researcher, doing it my way, knocking on doors, finding common interests, and researching within their space: this has been exceptionally valuable to me and the places I researched. So far it is the most impactful way to apply my knowledge and experience.

This DIY approach to research led me to run Social Responsibility & Impact at a music sharing platform. During my year of research there, I researched the current impact of the platform in terms of representations and broader cultural impact, social influence, and mechanisms of exploitation of the music industry.

I researched creative education, narratives & youth cultures for a non-profit, and was guest editor, for which I defined an editorial line, organised creative dialogues, and curated contributions to the knowledge-sharing platform. A love of knowledge naturally comes with a love of sharing knowledge. I gave engaged pedagogy workshops based on the work of Paulo Freire & bell hooks and actively joined the very inspiring Unlearning School series at AHK led by the fantastic Mieke Bernink. The educational space is in need of a structural change, more alternative methods are being developed and I’m in awe of the people named above for their capacities to imagine new ways to teach and learn. My ultimate goal is the democratisation of knowledge on creativity and its impact on society. I aim to develop new ways of indirect education, outside of the educational space, through research, curation and publication.

Thank you for reading, ao

WITH supports researcher Amel... let us introduce to you!
Our first release w/ Live From Earth. Listen here for the most Berlin vibes ever.

Why the word community doesn't mean **** these days. Read here.

Every song ever curated by our community, starting with a french Chief Keef remix??
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A Team
After a listening party with our WITH family in Berlin, OKDEANO is on repeat!!
Marina Satti a Greek singer, songwriter and producer blurring the lines between traditional Greek sounds and modern “urban” rhythms.
A reminder of an infamous x-factor audition and aggressively good vibes with “Feelin like Peter Andre” by KIBO.

Sci-fi fashion trends rocket in 2023 and Pinterest predicts dystopian outfits are the future? Has COVID had a part to play in our obsession with dystopia or are we all just obsessed with black mirror? Read here.

2023-08-03 11:55
Barcelona hosts Kikelomo and brings us our mix of the week (It has me bopping my head hard)

Read more on our residency spot for musicians at Villa Lena, a Tuscan paradise and why everyone loves it.

2023-07-17 13:53
If you needed a reminder that you’re “gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous” Listen to Gorgeous by Tee Grizzley.
Community curated and updated every 2 weeks. Artwork by Josh Curville
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